Thursday, August 20, 2009

1st Day of School

When we arrived in Alabama, there weren't any children Makana's age at the chapel. She relied solely on Daddy, Mommy, and Grandma to be her playmates. After deliberating for a while, we decided to send her to preschool for the social interaction. She is doing incredibly well, as she enjoys the structure (AND RULES!) of school. Makana gives me a report each day about who went on to "yellow and red lights." I remind her that the important thing for us is that Makana stays on "green light," and she assures me that she does.

These pictures were of her first day, and she was extremely excited to use her new backpack and lunch bag. (BTW--whatever happened to lunch bags coming with the thermos? Oh, those are the days of yore! I show my age again. Seriously, piecing together her lunch bag is spendy!) Dave asked me if I was ready for this day as we were entering the building. Yes, indeed! She only goes for 3 mornings a week, so it is just the right balance at this stage.

We are thankful that her day is full of a variety of experiences. Yesterday they "made sand" out of peanut butter, for this week's theme is "vacation." Makana also tells us of the Bible stories they are learning, which enhance the Bible story times at home. :)

Last week, her teacher informed me that Makana and another girl were quickly becoming friends. Makana would ask me, "What is my friend's name again?" for it was the first time Makana's heard that name. We figured out who it was the next day. When I picked up Makana the other day, she gleefully introduced me to another new friend. After fussing to me about not wanting to go to school all summer, Makana's has pleasantly surprised us all in her first two weeks of school.

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Joe and Julie said...

She's such a bright little girl, it's no surprise that she loves school!