Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Beach Holes

Each time we go to the beach, Makana thinks it is Daddy's and her task to make the largest hole in which to play. This one was created in May, during our cross-country trip. :)

When we went this past weekend, Makana's hole was so large that it had a small cave in which Cinderella was being held by her evil stepmother (at least that's her story). The story developed throughout the day.

Makana especially loved it when people would pass by and exclaim, "Wow, that hole is HUGE!" or, "This hole is awesome!" The best for Makana was when some children came by and asked their parent, "Can we make a hole like that?" Makana told Dave that she hoped more children would come by to look at her hole. So much for humilty! :)

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Anonymous said...

Just remember not to make the hole too deep for her. I read some years back of someone sitting in his reeeally deep hole on the beach and it caved in.

Sharon (Mei)