Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Feel Food

Stephen LOVES food! :) He watches every bite each of us takes and smacks his mouth LOUDLY. Stephen was extremely excited to finally start solids, especially after the initial cereal only stage. He started his tasting with peas and was thrilled to have a new taste in his mouth. :) After about a month of solids, he even recognizes the names of the foods. When we say food words like peas or carrots, his arms and legs start dancing, and his mouth starts smacking. Believe it or not, his favorite channel is the Food Network. No kidding, when that channel is on, he is fixated and smiles at the food. :) I've told my siblings that he definitely fits in with our family with his enjoyment of food. :)

Stephen's actually sitting on my lap at the moment, and he is also excited to see his pictures. :)

(I almost forgot to explain the title. My friends who spent a year in Japan studying together with me will automatically know what I mean. We'd find the Japanese-English funny, particularly on clothes, billboards, and in TV commercials. There is one advertisement that Coca-Cola Japan used: "Sawayaka tasty, I feel Coke." The general gist was that [as far as I could tell] because Coke is satisfyingly tasty, one would desire it. I think that's how Stephen thinks about his food. :) )


Joe and Julie said...

Glad to hear that he's such a good eater. He's getting so big!

Chad and Krista said...

Great pictures!

Bolo said...

I showed this to one of my friends via a Facebook chat link. Her response is as follows:

"First of all, that is an exceptionally cute child... and the post makes me laugh...clearly, this is a family hobby...except it would appear that some of the other siblings cook for themselves, whereas you smile at girls and they feed and the kid probably have that in common, too."

monchan :) said...

ROFLOL! :) SOOOOO TRUE! Oh, Johnny, have you cooked shoyu chicken yet?

Yes, Stephen is growing so quickly--thank the Lord! Hopefully he'll see you guys at Jon's wedding soon (if you're making the trip). :)