Thursday, March 05, 2009


One activity we'll certainly miss when we move to Alabama in May will be the library's storytime every Thursday. Ms. Pat (librarian) and Ms. Sheila (craft coordinator) really make the time fun for the children. Within an hour, they listen to a few stories, complete a craft, sing a song or two, and partake in a little snack. Makana also enjoys perusing the stacks to select her "new" books for the next week. :) Today they made trees for their craft time, and the trees made for a colorful forest.

I'm not certain which skill Makana enjoys executing more: cutting or gluing. See her little tongue come out as she concentrates? Makana's been practicing a lot lately, as I have activity books that she completes with Grandma while waiting for me in the hospital.

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debbie d. said...

ooo...I've never been to Alabama...and it is so much closer to Missouri than Arizona!