Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm Growing!

Thank you for your prayers, as Stephen is growing well. He was 4 pounds, 12 ounces yesterday. I kept forgetting to bring the camera, and he was active and cooing--yesterday--when I didn't have the camera! Today he was so comfortable that he just slept through his photo shoot.

Makana is so excited to see him. We get to let the siblings see each other through an office window, for it is cold and flu season. Children 10 years and under are not allowed in the NICU. On the way home from the hospital last Wednesday, she chatted non-stop about her plans for her brother all the way home (a half an hour worth of ideas!). Makana wants to hold Stephen like a little bitty baby in the song, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." When he cries, she will give him milk and sing to him and burp him. "What's your plan, Mommy?" she asks me. I reply, "I will call the hospital tomorrow to find out his feeding schedule and feed Stephen."

"Oh, okay. When Stephen is learning to walk and he falls down, I will help to pick him up. I will teach him his ABC song and do this (sign it). . . . And when he's 16, I will teach him how to drive because I will know how to drive already. I will turn on the music for him." And on and on . . . .

For now, Stephen is still working on breathing. Once he figures out his breathing (no apnea that is scary) and stays clear for 5 days, he will probably be able to come home. For now, we know his home in the NICU is a safe, loving place for him. The staff is fantastic there and truly love him as well. We are very thankful for our blessings! :)


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Hi Monica,

Great to see your new baby! Awesome! If you stop over at my blog some time, you can see the new family picture with our two new kids. They are not adopted yet, but hopefully will be by October.

monchan :) said...

I love your blog, Gary! It stimulates my brain and makes me laugh. :)

I also enjoyed your Valentine's letter; I esp laughed at the first line of it. Makana keeps asking me what the names of various boys are in your picture. Unless it is Josiah or Nathan, I have to cheat and look at the back.

I LOVE the two additions to your family--how wonderful! :) Although we signed adoption papers, we still have to finalize it in court in a few months. Believe it or not, we will probably have to fly in for our 5 minute testimony in court, as we are off to Alabama in May! :) God surely keeps us on our toes (and knees!). :)