Friday, February 27, 2009

Reflecting on 2008 (Rambles)--A bit late

I wrote this blog at the beginning of last month.

Songs 1 and 2 on our playlist ("Bring the Rain" and "I Will Lift My Eyes") have helped my heart take on the proper perspective as I reflected on some tough moments for my family throughout all of last year. I would not say the trials culminated in the passing of my brother-in-law Kawika last October, but many hearts were and still are sad because he is no longer with us on earth. Makana and I were able to spend time with our family in Hawai'i for about 3 weeks. As Johnny said, it is good to know that our family still supports each other, and it is better to know that we were already there for each other before this event transpired.

Lisa and Jeffo took in Mary's family in the spring. We all gathered for family pictures when Johnny decided to bring his 3 friends from Kentucky to Hawai'i. We got to meet Zayvin (Malia's younger son) for the first time, only to conclude that we didn't need pictures of him, for he looked exactly like his older brother at the same age. BTW--I don't think we ever got those family pictures!

We are thankful that Dave was only "deployed" to the Carribean this past year and had only one other training that kept us apart geographically. That enabled us to take adoption classes in hopes of expanding our family. Makana is excited to be a big sister. She had a little taste of it as we brought home a child in the fall, but her birth mother changed her mind. We had a lot of other possibilities to consider, but none that God has brought to fruition. While we don't care much for being in "limbo," we know that God places families together, whether biological or otherwise. We are waiting for him to do his thing. While it may seem difficult to have had a child in our home only to have her taken away, we pray that we were faithful in saying and doing what God planned in that situation. We pray that somehow those hours upon hours of conversation will lead to a saving knowledge of Jesus. :)

2008 zoomed by--no kidding! We had some really fun moments, especially watching Makana take to hiking and so many other things! We love exploring with her and discovering her train of thought as she becomes curious about a plethora of things, including the Christmas story. I have learned to enjoy PBSkids with her and am thankful that she is descriminate about the shows she watches. I must say, she at least has good taste: SuperWhy, Sid the Science Kid, Barney, and Caillou. Of course, she doesn't usually get to watch them all in the same day, but they are quite educational. You know me, every moment is a teachable moment! :)

Our travels continue to keep us busy and in touch with our family. We are thankful our families live in beautiful places like Hawai'i and Vermont. I guess we didn't make it to Kentucky last year, but we hope to get there in 2009. We are also grateful for our vehicles that allow us to travel by land as well. However, Mom did come to Arizona in December, and it looks as though she will stay with us. :)

Ministry never ceases, and we have been ever so blessed by our brothers and sisters in Christ all across the globe. At the base we are surrounded by partners in God's work--blessings! We pray we continue to grow and walk in Christ in 2009.

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tanya green said...

Monica, I am so happy for you and your family. I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. Many blessings to you and your family,