Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crazy Legs

What a blast from the past--skating! One of our friends (Sarah) had a birthday party at the skating rink last Saturday. Makana and Dave had gone hiking during the day with some friends from the dorms (while I was at the hospital with Stephen), and they were both quite tuckered. However, the birthday party was a great excuse to try something new as a family while celebrating with our friends. I honestly can say I haven't roller skated since high school (or maybe even junior high?), over 20 years ago! I didn't even try the roller blading craze at all. Thus, I was a bit nervous to start back on the rink with Makana depending on me, but she did beautifully.

After about an hour and a half, Makana's legs got really wobbly, so we took off her skates. She laughed about her legs, saying, "My legs were getting a little crazy!" She definitely wants to go back to try skating again. As a bonus bit of inspiration, when Makana watched one of her new favorite videos after that night, she noticed that Kit Kittredge (An American Girl) also wore skates!

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Lynne said...

Hey Guys! Just read the previous post and wanted to extend my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to you all! Makana is going to be a WONDERFUL big sister! We will surely be praying for little Stephen (and you all too!) We can't wait to meet the little guy so make sure to swing by "home" soon!!! Congratulations!!