Thursday, April 24, 2008

'Ohana Pictures 2008

The last time we tried to take family pics with everyone there was in May 2001, and our family has since expanded. :) At that time, Dave and I were the only ones living off island (heading for the mainland from Japan). Currently, Malia's family and Johnny live off island as well. We were all able to come together for a few days in April--WOW!

Thanks to Goose (our photographer), I was placed on the short end of the parents/kids line, but it was just fine. If you look closely, we have the advantage of the hill. Yes, Johnny looks as though he is almost as tall as Leonard (6' 2"?), but be not fooled! I'm just happy that Goose didn't make others stand on blocks to make me look the shortest again. :)

I took these pics off of Lisa's Facebook pics--THANKS! :) Our batteries went dead in the midst of the shoot, so we had an incomplete set. We are just waiting for the pics with everyone in it, as only Goose has those.

Believe it or not, we were all at Kaka'ako Park by 5:05 pm (supposed to be 5:00), except for Johnny, but he was there within a fashionably late timeframe. That is a feat! Indeed, there was much courage to be mustered to attempt this picture-taking venture, for we had the odds working against us: weather, time of day, 5 children under the age of 5, Honolulu rush hour, etc. It turned out to be quite fun in the end. :) That's Johnny getting ready as he approached the site. Stephie wore the matching blouse that Malia got for us girls. She also wore jeans--what a great look on her! :)

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