Monday, April 28, 2008


A visit to the Dole Plantation was a must for our family. This time we added the attraction of the plantation train, which gave us a 20-minute narration and music tour of the grounds. Makana enjoyed pointing out the "pi-pineapple" plants, banana trees, and various flower trees that we viewed. More exciting, however, was that she was on a TRAIN! She loves playing with her tiny set at home and looks forward to seeing one in motion (going holoholo) around our town. This time she was actually on one that looked like those in her videos and in her train set. :)

I think on our last trip home, Mary and I were discussing how pineapples have come a long way since we were children. We'd always look forward to people bringing the fruit back from Maui or Lana'i, for their versions were much sweeter than those that were harvested on O'ahu. However, it seems as though one can't go wrong with purchasing pineapples nowadays. All seem to have the sweet variety that is very enjoyable to the taste buds. :)

Did you know (yes, we learned this on the tour) that pineapples don't ripen any further after picking (as so many other fruits do)? Hence, the best time to eat it is soon after the acquisition. :) Stephie also told me that (she learned this from the Food Network) we should look for pineapples with the same size "eyes"--should be sweet/ripe. We also learned that "yellow" doesn't necessarily mean "ripe." Since I purchase this fruit quite often, I appreciate the tips. :)

Of course, a Dole whip was necessary to top off the occasion. At the end of the tour, Makana also enjoyed changing in the trunk of the car. Any time she needed a change after this instance, she requested to do so in the car. :)

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