Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bellows Fun

Dave keeps dreaming about becoming the chaplain of Bellows Air Force Station in Hawai'i, where we spent most of our nights/mornings this past trip. :) He'd gladly take the house at the end of the base that is reserved for "Distinguished Visitors." So far, no one has taken him up on his gracious offer to be the chaplain there. We did make good use of our time there, as our family and friends came out to visit. Hopefully I'll get the pics of our visitors up in another blog. :)

Makana thoroughly enjoyed playing with the water that would accumulate from the morning rain on our patio. If there was no water, she'd hope for someone to rinse their feet off with the hose to create a basin of water for playing.

Makana thought the ocean was "oh, so loud and too noisy." She also got used to her feet being dirty with sand all the time and enjoyed playing on the beach. She started getting into a morning routine of feeding the birds her cheerios or other snacks. The birds were enjoying her hospitality, for she'd say, "Come on, birdies! Let's go inside the house!" They'd actually listen to her and make themselves at home (to my dismay!). One afternoon, Makana was just outside the cabin and started making a funny noise, quite unmelodic, and the birds came flocking to her! It was an eerie sight to behold.

As we walked around the base, Makana loved to ask, "Is this our house?" Most of the cabins looked identical, so she was proud of herself when she could distinguish our cabin from the others. When we first arrived we were changing out of cabins frequently, so it made sense that she started to ask that question. She also would ask in a parking lot, "Is this our car?" Our orange Dodge Avenger rental was easy to spot in most parking lots. :)

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