Saturday, April 19, 2008

I go hiking!

Thankfully we have a daughter who loves the outdoors, especially hiking areas. It was difficult getting Makana away from the two trails we ventured onto in Tantalus and 'Aiea. She actually put up a fight when she could no longer throw rocks into the murky creek.

For the record, Johnny, Makana didn't do a "George of the Jungle crash" as she hung from the banyan tree. :)

Makana learned to do limbo from Barney. We took every opportunity to practice this fun skill. :) For Makana, it didn't take much to go under the fallen trees.

Dave loves the pic of me going off the trail with a sign that specifically states not to do so. What the picture doesn't reveal is that I was descending, and there was no sign at the top of the road less traveled. :)

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