Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thankful to live in the Southwest

This is documentation of the worst snow storm in our area in many, many years. Most people said when/if it snows here, it is usually not enough to stick until the next morning. Remember my other blog with snow (click on the "blog with snow" to tickle your memory)? Well, this is the following morning. The entire city shut down for hours (many businesses for the entire day) because there was ice on the bridges and people could not get to work. Compared to the storm in the Northeast, I will take this one! (Although we can't go 'boarding in this kind of snow . . . hmmm . . . may have to reconsider.)


Bolo said...

It can't possibly be very healthy for me that I look at those pictures and think to myself, "Oh, it's not even that bad."

Oh boy. Haolefication stinks.

Dana said...

John needs to find something else to complain about, I'm a-thinkin.

Anyway, have you guys gone up to Flagstaff to snowboard?

monchan :) said...

No Flagstaff yet. We hope to get there soon! :)