Sunday, January 21, 2007

Truly, is this Arizona?

I looked outside this afternoon, and I mentioned to Dave that I thought it was flurrying. Sure enough, the veteran snow dweller verified what I was looking at. We wanted to document this event, as we are sure it doesn't really snow like this every year. When we looked into our yard a couple of hours later, we saw a canopy of snow in our desert backyard.

Dave is happy! He is teaching Makana to rejoice also when the snow comes down. :)


:) lisa said...

Weather reports say its about 68 degrees here. Cold enough that we haven't had to run the AC in a while. Right now, I think it's actually lower than that, and my little toesies are freezing!

Bolo said...

I'd give a lot for 68 right about now. It hasn't gotten up out of the teens all day. *Shiver*.

Donna said...

Makana is SOOOOOO cute! Oh man... Hope you are all doing well!

Hilary Noltemeyer said...

Monica- I just came across a link to your blog and your daughter is beautiful! I hope you all are doing well. I didn't have time to read your past blogs, but I wanted to say hello. Blessings, Hilary Noltemeyer (Louisville)

monchan :) said...

Hi, Hilary! It is great to hear from you! I wish we could have seen you while we were in the 'Ville last week. Time sped by at lightning speed! I visited your blog; happy belated birthday! Your family is growing up! I love Willow's uniform. Please say hello to your beautiful family!

Monica :)