Friday, February 16, 2007

Mixed Feelings

Dave misses Vermont, and was excited to hear about this storm his parents documented. He wishes he could have been there--a true Vermonter! While we do miss his family, I am thankful to have missed the 25.3" of snow (a record for a 24-hour period, surpassing one set in 1934). Brrr!


Bolo said...

Oh my...I'll pass, thanks.

Barbara Olmos said...

Hey Monica,
Is Dave just missing the "trekking through the woods to find the best snowboarding site" part of snow?
Or does he also miss the "shoveling the sidewalk, scraping the windshields, and icicles hanging from your nose" part of snow? Just wondering! :)

monchan :) said...

Guess what, Barb? He misses ALL of that. He is definitely a unique one (euphemistic way of saying, "strange," but I need to be edifying to my husband!). When we lived in Misawa he looked forward to the big storms so that he could a) snowboard; b) shovel our sidewalk, parking stalls, and the street assigned to us (base rules); and c) feel as though he were in Vermont. When it finally got cold enough for his icicles to form in his nostrils, it was "natsukashii" for him.