Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Life in a New Land

There is a bit of apprehension whenever I move to a new place, but there is always a bit more faith involved with our moves now that we have keiki in tow. :) The excitement of a new adventure always seems to override any nervousness. This move is of no exception, and I am extremely thankful to God that our children have become great travellers. The younger of the two only remembers our last home, and he continues to recall the log cabin as his house. "When are we going back to my house?" "Rex is not with us because he is at my house."

The older child misses her friends and the activities we did with them. We thought our last assignment brought extremely transient and few children, but as it turned out, we all ended up with friendships that will last our lifetimes, I believe. Currently we are in a situation where we HARDLY meet any children because of the nature of this tour of duty. Even the native children are fewer because of the hot summer; supposedly many of them go to the shore during this days of extreme heat. Smart!

Nonetheless, it is a great relief to find that our children are making the most of this time in our life. They've transitioned well from living on five acres of land in the country, where four-legged creatures outnumbered the human being population by far, to living in a bustling city in an apartment. It doesn't hurt that we live so close to the water. They truly appreciate when they can speak to someone in their native tongue, be understood, and understand the other person. They suffer through language lessons given by their incompetent mother, who doesn't know the language.

Many friends like to say, "Home is where the Air Force sends us." We like to say, "Home is where God sends us," and we look forward to our ultimate home with him someday. :)


Jenny Girl said...

So happy that you are blogging again :) Keeping track of your fun journeys. Wishing we could come travel with you guys.

monchan :) said...

Please travel with us! :) Praying for your little one growing in you! :)