Friday, October 14, 2011

Days in the life of Deuteronomy 6 Academy

Geography Fair

In the summer when I signed Makana up for this fair, I wasn't sure how everything was to transpire, but just knew that we could ride on her piqued interest in her homeland from visiting Hawai'i this past summer. She's always had an interest in geography, from an EXTREMELY young age. 

I wrote her curriculum to aim for the fair and then to build off it. Every day we pray for different people and their needs from various regions/countries across the globe. We are blessed to have many international friends that make these places real destinations for a young mind.

However, what I didn't realize was that a country's GDP is not interesting to a kindergartener. The Republic of the Marshall Island's economy suffered from its geographic locale; it seemed a logical place to start--NOT! I had to quickly tweak the lessons to enhance her interest and not quench it! :)

Some of her favorite friends also worked hard on their projects. They went around the fair with their "passports" to travel the globe, receiving a myriad of stamps. I was proud that they (even Stephen) tried the variety of foods offered. (Stephen esp liked the meat dishes--"More meat, please, Mommy.")

Making Marshallese food 6000+ miles away is a true challenge. Makana said, "I'll just ask Auntie Lisa to send me some breadfruit!" Uh, no! It's not worth the FedEx charges! :)

We settled on making haupia, a Hawaiian coconut pudding. There were too many missing elements to make a truly Marshallese dish, but coconut is a HUGE part of their diet. 
We tried to use manual tools to drill through the top while Daddy was at work, but we ended up waiting for the (argh, argh!) power tool! :)

Because it is not straight off the tree, it's a bit tougher to get through.

Makana was able to muster up some muscle to open her coconuts. 

It's been a good experience, and we continue to travel the globe. She's excited to locate the countries from the fair on our globe and world map. We pray for the hearts of the different people groups, that every tongue, tribe, and nation will bow and give glory to God. :)


Jenny Girl said...

Yeah, where was I? There was coconut pudding?? All I saw was the coconut pieces. Boo. I wish it wasn't such a hectic night. Then I could have paid more attention to my surroundings. And food ;) cute pics!

monchan :) said...

Yes, did you not get it? We'll have to make it for you again. The leftovers were great on the thin granola bars w/dark chocolate--sorta like a decadent pie I once made for a friend's birthday. :)

jeffo 'n lisa said...

I would have sent her dried breadfruit. I had some a while ago, and it was great.

monchan :) said...

Auntie Lisa: She'll take a rain check! :)