Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blueberries for . . . Makana

Blueberries for Sal is the perfect springboard (a.k.a. excuse) to make GiGi's blueberry pie.
The book is cleverly written, and because we'd been blueberry picking here in Alabama, Makana could relate a bit to the scenario. 

Makana kept asking me if there were eggs in the crust, for she wanted to try it uncooked. 
She did not believe me that the crust dough would not taste as yummy as cookie dough. After a little bite, she was convinced and proceeded to work on the pie. 

She's so proud of her accomplishment! 

The inevitable part of baking; at the wonderful age of 5, Makana loves doing dishes. :)

Waiting for the pie to cool was worse than waiting for it to bake. 
It was finally somewhat cool enough to cut.

The food critic was excited.


Makana was emphatic we needed to save three pieces for Daddy--Hungry Bear. I think if I let her, she would have eaten the rest of it! :)


Kara said...

I cannot get over how big your kids are! Wow time flies!

monchan :) said...

Seriously, yours as well! Praying that their spiritual growth follows suit! :)

Jenny Girl said...

Wow super mom. When we read that book years ago, we just read it. No pie in sight. The pie is a nice touch :)

monchan :) said...

No, not a super mom, as I missed so many opportunities from other lessons to do things like that. :( By God's grace, I'll learn to breathe and enjoy the process more. :)