Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Demonstration of New Life! :)

We had a great time celebrating with 3 of our friends from church last weekend. They were baptized, showing a wonderful display of their trust in Jesus to die to themselves and to rise to walk in a new way, a new life in Christ Jesus. :) Two of them are married, so Dave had James help in baptizing his wife Kelli. We rejoiced with Rosi, Jamie, and Kelli! :)

Dave asked members of the church to testify how God has been working in the lives of those getting baptized. It was wonderful to hear of how differently people live once God is alive in them. :)

The atmosphere was so different from the last baptism we did up on the mountain for 2 other friends. We went up early to dam up a river to create a pool in the beautiful, natural setting. Just after the baptismal service, it started to downpour. :)

Both baptisms were beautiful: God was glorified.

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