Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Thankfully my birthday is in January, and it is a great time to hike here in Arizona. We explored a different trail this time and were thankful for God's creation. As we approached this area, the terrain was very much like much of the rest of Arizona: flat and desert-like. Makana kept informing us, "This is NOT a hiking place!" Almost out of the blue, once we crossed the line into the park, there was a mountain with trees! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy 40th! B-day. It was a great day to be out hiking and the rest of the story is that we got to the nearly the top of the mountain and Makana was shivering uncontrollably as the temperatures took a turn with the strong wind. We bundled her up and headed back down the mountain to warm up. She probably just expects to be put into those situations as she quickly approaches her third birthday.


Bolo said...

I'm glad your husband clarified which birthday you were celebrating...clears me of the responsibility/blame :)

On another note, I love how my niece is very observant and informatory at the same time...makes for great stories Uncle Johnny gets to tell his friends. I trust, after all, that Makana takes great pleasure in telling her friends her Uncle Johnny stories.