Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes, Cousin!

These 2 2 year-olds are 10 days apart in age, and they had fun playing with each other. Makana asked permission to use every toy she borrowed. AJ (the 5 year-old) finally told her that it was okay to play with everything, for he grew weary of giving her permission. Dominic, on the other hand, had a default answer of, "No!" :) He'd say it with his cute smile, of course, but Makana would take him seriously and not use the toy until he relented and said, "Yes, cousin."

In one of the pictures, Dominic is heading down a hill . . . which ended in a little tumble. :) Yes, all these pics were taken on the same morning, but Dominic had to change. The next time Makana went outside to play, she recalled Dominic's tumble in the yard. However, it didn't prevent her from enjoying the GRASS and lush plants around the yard (as opposed to our desert rocks and sand).

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at said...

so sweet & cute!!! :) these children.