Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Future Scientists?

We were able to spend more time with Dominic, for AJ has started kindergarten this year. For our first morning in New England, we went to the Museum of Science in Boston. The two toddlers had a great time. Even though there were many things that they don't quite know how to appreciate at this age, they enjoyed the variety of interactive displays. Mostly they enjoyed playing with each other. Dominic thought Donna was always pushing him. He even thought so when Makana took the controls and cracked up laughing when he discovered it was his cousin.


Anna said...

You look fabulous in these pictures Monica! Way to be a stylish mommy. I love the red jacket!

monchan :) said...

Hey, thanks, Anna! :) I actually have to thank Donna, for she was the one who passed on the jacket to me during one of our previous visits. I love wearing it so much, though, that it is starting to look really loved. :)