Friday, February 29, 2008

We want Shamu!

We went to San Diego a little over a month ago, and Makana was enthralled by all the animals. Because we are currently ahead of California by one hour, we ended up getting to Sea World an hour before it opened. As we waited to get into the parking lot, Dave started chanting, "We want Shamu, Shamu, Shamu!" Naturally, Makana followed suit. She chanted it again when we waited in Shamu's stadium for the star to arrive.

Makana also loved the Beluga whale and the penguins. The polar bear put on a spectacular show for all as it played with a half sphere. He'd plunge into the water right next to the glass to give an ominously wonderful performance.

Since Makana's into escalators and elevators now, she loved riding on the moving sidewalks that the park offered. :)

An interesting thing we saw: Flamingos being herded to a new destination on the sidewalk with us humans.

We arrived at the dolphin stadium just in time for their feeding. We got our tray of fish and were told to pet the dolphin and then toss the fish into its mouth. Because we feed the giraffes at our zoo, Makana thought it was quite normal to feed the dolphins at this marine zoo and wasn't afraid of the mammals at all. :) I was thrilled to have had the experience. :)


Virtually Yours said...

The pictures that you've uploaded are awesome! I think, you're quite passionate about photography. Good - and keep it up!

monchan :) said...

Thanks for the encouragement; Dave loves taking pics, and Makana & I love looking at them. :)