Friday, February 29, 2008

Slip, Sledding Away!

Dave took Makana out in the backyard to play in the snow at Grandpa and GiGi's house. Makana is not used to wearing so much gear, but she did stay warm from the ski pants and snow boots she was able to borrow from Dominic. After wobbling for a while, she got the hang of waddling through the white stuff and started having fun.

Makana enjoyed kicking/pushing/pulling the sled more than actually riding in it. :) Her face filled with glee as she approached the hill to shove the orange sled down the incline. Dave said she was able to work her way out of a precarious situation when she was stuck in the fluffy stuff.

Even after being back in Arizona for a few days, Makana still tells me before leaving the house, "Jacket! So COLD!" :)

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alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

How cute! It must be fun to hear her talking in real words. (We're still just at baby babble!) You live in one of the hottest places and we live in one of the coldest, but I think Makana's had more snow fun than Archie!