Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jesus! :)

We had a relaxing day in celebrating the first coming of Jesus into this world. :) We sang, "Happy Birthday to Jesus!" and pondered the amazing Gift. After breakfast, we opened the other gifts in the stockings and under the tree.

It was fun to watch Makana during this season, for she enjoyed the tree, its lights, and the many other things of wonder of the season. We tried to teach her of the significance of everything (as we never know what might actually stick). She loved pointing out Baby Jesus on the tree, in the ornament we made with our international friends at the BSU the other Christmas.

It was initially hard to get Makana to move past each gift she opened. Then, she got the hang of things and started flying through a series of gifts, saying, "More! More!" She then lost steam and needed a break. She was wowed by everything she received (except for some of Mommy's boring selections). She embraced her chocolate-colored doll (just like her color!) from her cousins. It was fun to see her "mommy" her "baby." She received another little doll from Auntie Shirley and Uncle Richard in New York and loves its purple dress.

Daddy was starting to wonder if her Elmo book/toy had an off button b/c Makana enjoyed playing with it so much! :) We then decided after a while to save the opening of some of her gifts (even if they were unwrapped) to allow her to process everything better. :) She is slowly discovering everything she has been blessed with. :)

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