Saturday, December 29, 2007

Big, Blue . . .

Happy Christmas, Dave! :) Makana calls it, "Daddy's big, blue truck!"

A typical conversation between Makana and me:

Makana: Daddy-o!
Mommy: Daddy's gone holo-holo [or bye-bye].
Makana: Holo-holo--big, blue truck!
Mommy: Yes, where did Daddy go?"
Makana: Work.
Mommy: Yes, where does Daddy work?
Makana: Pa-pel [chapel].
Mommy: Yes, Daddy works at the chapel. What kind of truck does Daddy have?
Makana: Nis-san Ti-tan! (with emphasis)
Mommy: Yes, Makana.
Makana: Mommy, Daddy-o?


Bolo said...

That's a very big blue truck.

Anonymous said...

I realized the value of the truck size when we loaded 10 eight foot tables, 30 stackable chairs, three coolers, and cones for a party and still had room.

It is a little known fact that it is actually Monica's truck. That's what I've been telling people that have been wondering if we got a new vehicle. Once they find out that it is Monica's...there reaction is...."cool." If it were just Dave's the reaction is "oh, that's nice." Makana enjoys being able to ride with Daddy now, since she couldn't have her car seat in the little white truck.

Let us use it for God's glory! Anyone need help moving?


monchan :) said...

It is VERY big! I have yet to try to park it in a typical parking lot. It definitely has more "pick-up" on the highway than our little white truck that went from 5 - 60 mph in about 5 minutes. :)