Sunday, September 02, 2007

Playing with Papa

Dave was asking me when was the last time Dad came to the mainland. I think it was about 17 years ago--for my graduation from ND. It's hard to believe that he is here, but we are glad he is. The strange thing is that Dave thinks that is also the last time his dad left the mainland. Freaky. Will he also be traveling off the mainland before 2007 is over?

Makana's always making sure Papa is with us. We went to a botanical garden, and they have an assortment of bug repellent as you enter the first garden. As you can see on the back of Makana's leg, it is probably for the best, for the bugs like her as much as they, me. :)

Dad made some Korean BBQ'd meat for Serra's party today, and we'll also take some to a Ground Floor gathering tomorrow. MMMMMMMMMMMMM--nostalgic flavors fill my mouth! :) (For John--Yes, it is bulgolgi, and I'm taking advantage of Dad's cooking prowess!)

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