Sunday, September 02, 2007

Not a Jiggy Sort of Day

The conditions were perfect: Makana was exclaiming, "Go, Irish!" The skies were blue in South Bend. Weis took the helm.

Then the game started. :( While I am still excited football season has ensued, I wish it had gotten off to a better start. EEK! 3-33 is not what we Domers had hoped for the opener of this season. After all, a field goal does not merit the dancing of the Irish jig. Nonethess, we are true fans; we will press on! Cheer, cheer for ol' Notre Dame! :)

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Bolo said...

Yeah...I know...but you know what? I still hold great hopes for not only the years to come, but also this year's squad. They're young, but they're also talented. They'll learn. I expect improvement next week.

Then again, I bet those UM fans expect improvement next week, too ;)