Friday, March 30, 2007


What should one do when reading (to a child) incorrectly written sentences in children's books?

a) Read the sentence as printed (albeit incorrect).
b) Read the sentence correctly.
c) Cross out the typo (or just plain poor grammar, spelling, etc.), edit the text, and then read the sentence correctly.
d) Other options?


Barbara Olmos said...

I'm all four teachin' kidses these daze right grammer, punchooayshun, and spellin!
I say, "Read it correctly! And write the corrections in the book so anyone else reading to Makana will get it right!"
Then, after all that hard work, one day she'll bring home a Junie B. Jones book and that will be the end of it. Her grammar is HORRIBLE, but third graders love her books!

Bolo said...

I'm with Mrs. O on this one.

im said...

humans have flaws...gasp! she'll realize that's normal...those kinds of things make me wince too, but correct it, don't correct it, make up your own,'re spending precious time together, enjoy!

monchan :) said...

Thanks for the input! :) It's been on my mind for a long time! :)

Gung Ho said...

I say scrap the book, read them something by Eric Chock, Darrell Lum, or Lee Tonouchi, or anything by Bamboo Ridge Press or even Da Jesus Book. That'll really mess someone's language up. Then have them listen to Rap Replinger or Frank Delima or Andy Bumatai. Better yet, have them memorize "Room Service," "Japanese Roll Call," or "The Young Kanakas."