Friday, March 30, 2007

New England Trip, Part 1

After loading part of our trip's photos, I have decided to split them up into different segments, as there are MANY! Unfortunately, because I had started to load them in alpha order and not sequential, you are viewing pics from the beginning, middle, and end of our trek to New England.

We had a wonderful time with Dave's family. We visited Donna (his sister), Tony (brother-in-law), AJ, and Dominic (2 cousins) on the way up to Vermont. They took us in at around 3:30 am (Is that right?). Yikes! They have an amazing play room for children! As you can see, all three children enjoyed playing in there.

We then stayed with Grandpa and GiGi in Vermont. :) Everything was about Makana, but we did take a little time to celebrate Dave's father's birthday. :)

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