Monday, November 13, 2006

Makana's Eyes: Kason's Perspective

Kason: Grandma, everybody has different size eyes.
Grandma: Yes, Kason.
Kason: Grandma, you have the BIGGEST eyes, and Makana has the smallest!

(Mom + I figured Kason must be including Grandma's big glasses in his calculation of her eyes. Perhaps?!)


suitedpair said...

A curious fact: The eyes are the only part of the human anatomy that are fully developed at birth.

If you have big eyes as a baby, your only hope is that the rest of your body will catch up as time goes by. In Kason's case, let's hope the rest of his body catches up to his head. Thank God I'm 6 feet tall. My big feet needed the height to offset their size as my wonderful big (only in age and family ranking, not in size) sister Monica is quick to point out. Heck, she even tells the story of my big feet to my DOG.

monchan :) said...

Hmmm . . . Why do eyes stagnate in size, but cheeks don't? Bummer!

Hoku does have HUGE feet for her size. They just reminded me of yours! :)