Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Camper :)

The first weekend of October found us camping with about 50 military people on Mt. Lemmon. Dave was the sponsoring chaplain speaker, or something like that, and it was fun to be out in the low 40 degree weather (at night). Makana, as usual, was a happy camper. She is quite amenable to all sorts of situations. :)

She enjoyed the 3+ mile hike through a beautiful area that allowed us to see some fall foliage--in Arizona! Makana was fascinated by the bon fire and ate up all the attention she received from her "aunties and uncles" from Davis-Monthan AFB, Luke AFB, and Yuma Marine Camp.

Things we feared:
1. We'd run out of food, diapers, etc. When Makana's on the road, her tummy tends to get a little hungrier than normal.
2. Makana would be too cold.
3. Makana would feel uncomfortable with all the new faces at the campground.
4. She would start to not like the hike about halfway through. Yes, there is turning back, but it would have been just as long as proceeding forward.

Once again, God is gracious. None of our fears were realized! Actually, the second one was, but Daddy gave up his sleeping bag in the middle of Saturday night for his baby. The Vermonter toughed it out. (We had lots of wee wittle blankies for Daddy to use!)


Rich said...
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Rich said...

(Ooops, let's try that again)
That looks like it was awesome! What a beautiful place to camp in too. You have a wonderful eye for photography! Makes me wish we had seasons.

JungMin said...

oh my! the second picture is SOOOOO cute!!!