Friday, November 03, 2006


Are grandparents truly there to spoil their grandchildren? If spoiling is loving the grandchild abundantly, missing her tremendously, doting over her in person or via picture, then I'd surmise that Makana is definitely SPOILED. :)

Makana loves her Grandpa Morris and Gigi (Grandma Grace) in Vermont. They visited for a few days in September. It was great to see Makana's reaction to Grandpa when he picked her up. She looked at him as though he was very familiar. She always seemed to react to him in the manner she responds to Dave. Makana can recognize Gigi's voice on the phone. She started to kick her legs and flail her arms when she heard Gigi's sister Auntie Jeanne on the speaker phone. Auntie Jeanne sounded just like her Gigi.

Mon's Mom was able to come back with the two girls from Hawai'i and stayed for 6 weeks. We had a great time together. Makana was able to see Grandma in her curlers quite often. The first time Makana saw the blue rollers in Grandma's hair brought an initial look of confusion and then a laugh of recognition of her Grandma. Grandma had 2 extra rollers and placed them in Makana's hair; the little girl thought it was funny! (Isn't it amazing at 5.5 months she has enough hair for these rollers?)

Papa (Mon's Dad) is half Marshallese and very proud of his Marshallese granddaughter. From the moment he discovered the adoption was even a thought, he relished the thought of having a daughter come from his father's homeland. He kept saying, "I cannot wait until you go to the Marshall Islands to get my grandchild." He says he keeps Makana's pictures by his bedside and looks at them every night.

It is amazing how Makana knows her relatives, especially her grandparents. She took to them all immediately. :) Praise be to God!

(Okay, here I go again! I can't seem to get the pics right.)

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