Friday, November 03, 2006

Chaplain Dad

In the last six months, God has blessed me with two new roles (Active Duty Chaplain and Dad). Let me begin by saying I am loving both. I would argue they were both in the works before the creation of the world in my understanding of God's sovereignty. Through much prayer and paperwork, Monica and I (as well as countless others who have known our heartbeat) have been on this faith journey together.
As chaplain in the United States Air Force and father of Makana, I see these roles having similiar meaning and responsibility. I long to see true worshippers from every people around the globe. I pray that my vision and passion is in synche with God's . . . mainly to make disciples, who will, as they are going . . . reaching, training, and sending out others to live out the rest of their lives with the same Great Commission mindset which is found in Matthew 28:18-20. I am being stretched and molded for God's glory each day. Please pray for me as I try to live out both of these new roles in a way that honors Him.

Lessons learned in the past few months:
-I can do neither role well without God's moment by moment grace.
-Prayer is essential.
-Monica is a superhero: Mom, Missionary, Military wife.
-Diapers/Bottles/Baby Einstein/The trust of a child.
-Gas Masks are great tools but when you have a plogged nose and dry throat it becomes a bad situation.
-Arizona rivers don't usually have water in them.


The Mrs. said...

Congratulations on your successful adoption! She's beautiful. My husband and I are on that journey now. How funny, I help teach pre-schoolers at our church and this month we are talking about Missionary Spikes - a miliatary chaplain, like you!

monchan :) said...

To the mrs.: Thanks for the encouragement! We pray your journey is a blessing as well. Thank you for praying for the chaplain as a missionary; his field of influence is God-sized.