Thursday, November 02, 2006


2006 has brought Makana 3 cousins born after her birthdate of March 31st. The first to come was Dominic John Mazzariello, and he joined his brother AJ in April. They are Dave's sister Donna and her husband Tony's sons. :)

The next was Zayne, born on the Big Island in May to my youngest sister Malia and Garrett. (Sorry, don't know Zayne's full name.)

The newest to join our family is Koen Kekaulakuha'oamekanawai Kazumasa Ing, born on the 30th of October to Mary and Kawika. Congratulations! (I'll post a picture when I get one, hint, hint.) He joins his other brothers (youngest to oldest): Kavin Kawika Keitaroo, Kason Kekoaokeakua Yoshio, and Kyle Keli'i Kiyoshi, and his sister Kayla Kawailehua Emiko. Kayla was able to visit us this past summer with Jeffo and Lisa. It was great to have them over. I left for the Marshall Islands the day before they flew back to Hawai'i. (More on that escapade later. . . .)

God is awesome, indeed, providing the miracle of life.

(After checking what this looks like published, the pictures are out of order. I don't yet know how to correct this disconcerting glitch. Can you tell I'm new at this task?)


Bolo said...

I think I see questions coming my way in the near-future...

monchan :) said...

Just being a good steward with God has availed me. :)