Saturday, February 11, 2012

43 so soon?

It's hard to believe that I'm 43, for it seems like yesterday that I was thinking, "Wow, I'll be 30 soon!" However, when I contemplate how much has transpired between age 30 and now, I suppose over a decade must have passed. After all, when I turned the big 3 - 0, we celebrated in northern Japan at the Hospitality House with grey balloons and our dear friends. Since then, I've lived in Kentucky, Indiana, Arizona, and Alabama (even though I said I'd NEVER live in Indiana again! Ha!). I've also become a parent to two lively children, who were very eager to surprise me with Daddy on my birthday. I'm still married to my dear husband, who is happy each year when I increase in age before he does. :) It was fun for him to use his jerseys with his favorite sports number as decorations. 

I couldn't believe that Dave ordered ND decorations ONLINE. (Yes, he's not really a shopper, no less an online one.)

Makana had a sinus infection w/a fever that would not go away, so we stayed home that day and made soft pretzels--YUMMY! :) Stephen was more interested in making the dough into balls, and Makana made quite lovely pretzel knots. She also loved the pretzel salt and wanted to eat the salt exclusively. Hmmm. 

I have to admit that the cake LOOKED a lot better than it tasted. It was fun, though, and Stephen contributed his little football without any prompting when he saw the ND symbol.

Thankful! It was a somewhat rough day/week, but I thought to myself, "There are a lot of people turning my age who wonder what their purpose in life is. Are they needed or wanted?" With Mom going into the hospital with fractured vertebrae and Makana sick, I was definitely needed. I thanked God that he showed me how I am needed and loved every single day. God is faithful to give us exactly what we need--in his perfect timing! :)

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Jenny Girl said...

Loved this post. Glad you got to celebrate and feel the love from your family.