Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can you believe it? Stephen turned 3! :)

We are incredibly thankful for our little guy, whom we affectionately called "Peanut Boy" when he was an infant. He could fit in my hand when we met him; not too many THINGS (no less people) fit in my hands (see our previous post).

He's a joy-filled boy, who loves to laugh and play.

Thank you, GiGi & Grandpa, for my special gifts!

Stephen loves to PLAY, especially with people. I have to admit that he does very well playing on his own while Makana and I work on her schoolwork, but he is overjoyed to have playmates of all ages.

Although Stephen likes all sorts of things, we decided on a Toy Story birthday party for him. We started out with an "Infinity & Beyond" contest. Everyone made their own flying vessel. Kennedy won that effort, with her younger sister coming in a rather close 2nd!

 We tried to simulate the "claw game" with the aliens by letting the keiki pull prizes out of a box with the toy claw.
 Unlike the actual game, everyone was able to grab at least a couple of prizes.

 Sticking the star on Woody turned out to be an interesting venture.

 Stephen was surprised to see all the figurines on the cake, for he saw the various stages of the cake, but he thought it was finished the day before. :)

 Dave said there were lots of children. It wore out the adults. :)

 The keiki were still going strong after all that play.

We're grateful to God that he has grown Stephen, so as of this moment, he has NO scheduled appointments for medical, speech, physical therapy, or anything else. Praise be to our God! 
Keep growing, especially in the Lord, Stephen!

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jeffo 'n lisa said...

How wonderful to see how he's grown! I sure do miss him and am praying that God will bring you back to Hawaii soon, so that we get to enjoy them too.