Saturday, September 17, 2011

Home on the Range!

When it was HOT and HUMID out, forecasted to STORM, 
Daddy had a solution for fun:

"Let's go camping!"

With a projected hurricane in the forecast, 
Stephen & Makana had no problem 
settling into our indoor camp ground. 
After all, it did come with AC, and we were certain the tent wouldn't leak.
The bottom of the tent also didn't reveal any missed rocks we forgot to rake away!

I realized that sadly enough, it was Stephen's first time in our tent. 
He was beyond excited--ebullient--to get into the dome.
The only thing it reminded him of was the bouncy houses, so he started bouncing off the
walls of the tent onto the sleeping bags in the middle.

Uh, no, we didn't bring out the air mattresses, so we had to quickly 
model for Stephen the purpose of a tent. :)

The keiki had a great night! Dave found comfort on our (real) bed.
Someone had to stay near the camp site. 
I tried taking refuge in the couch; no such opportunity for long!
The sore back the next morning was thoroughly worth it when I saw their happy faces
and listened to them tell others of their living room "adventure." :)

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