Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Heavenly Cheese!"

One could call it laziness or oblivion, but any which way we dub it, Stephen listened to Praise Baby Christmas songs for about a good year as he slept. I couldn't find his other Praise Baby CD, so I put the Christmas one on a loop, and that is what he had.
He was so excited when people started singing "his songs" as Christmas day drew near. He'd belt out in his own way, "Away in the Manger," "Joy to the World," and some other tunes. His favorite, by far, was and still is "Silent Night."

Stephen turns almost any opportunity into a singing one, as you can see. He also likes to "cook." When he combines the two activities, he's almost unstoppable and hilarious. He HAS to put on ONE (just one) boot (in this case it was Makana's, as he didn't have his own boot yet) and set himself up. He'll take your order and then start to sing. On this particular day, he swiped the rolling pin from a previous dough activity so that he'd have his personal, portable microphone.

Ahhhhh, it is music to my ears every time: "Sleep in heavenly CHEESE!" (Silent night from a 2 year-old's perspective) :)

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