Monday, November 01, 2010

Football Festivities

Our keiki were excited to dress in their football game attire. When we attended the W Michigan game in October, Dave and I deliberated for a long while over what to get Makana and Stephen. We are thrilled they love their gear. :)
ttrt2010 220
There were definitely no duplicate costumes in Alabama! :) Dave actually found a couple of kids' helmets at the thrift store on base, so we coated them in paint. Sure--they don't have REAL gold like the ones found on Domers' heads on football Saturdays, but doesn't it look somewhat convincing? :)


Anna said...

Love the family photo!

monchan :) said...

Thank you, sweet Anna! Missing your presence. Just thought of you especially the other day as I was (again) cleaning out stuff and found a returned thank you note to your parents for their delicious fruit. So sorry it never made it to them! :(

Hope you are well! :)

Bolo said...