Sunday, June 27, 2010


Keep in mind we have evening lows in the 70's, but that is not until the middle of the night.

Makana: (While putting on her pajamas) No, Mom, you're forgetting my undershirt.

Mommy: No, it's too hot for that.

Makana: (Lifts up her top) See, it is short sleeves. I need something more substantial under it!


As I walked into the room to check on Stephen, who was supposed to be napping but was playing instead:

Stephen: Whatcha doing?

Mommy: That's what I was going to ask you!

(Coming from a boy who hardly says anything, his sporadic blurts of speech are clear and logical.)

Note: One by-product of mothering is not automatic edification.

After exchanging Butterfly Kisses with Makana:

Makana: Did you feel it?

Mommy: Yes, did you feel mine?

Makana: No. It's because your eyelashes are too short.

Mommy: You're right.

Makana: AND your arms are short. Your whole body is short. Your fingers are short. Your legs are short . . . .

(Mommy did not stay around to hear the rest of the list.)

Yet another indication that Stephen's got more stored up than he's letting on:

Mommy takes Stephen out of his crib.

Mommy: Thank you for being so patient, Stephen.

Stephen: Wait, wait!

Mommy: Yes, thank you for waiting.

Stephen: Wait, wait (with his lower lip jutting out)!


Makana: What is "shakes"?

Mommy: It is when someone moves a lot, as in the "Hokey Pokey."

Makana: No, not "to shake"; "shakes."

Mommy: Like the type at Chick-fil-a, almost like a melted ice cream?

Makana: No! It's not a drink. Shakes!

Mommy: Give me a context. What do you mean? How have you heard the word?

Makana: Like, "Oh, shake!"

Mommy (ponders some not-so-nice possibilities and dismisses them): Hmmm.

Makana: "Oh, good shakes!"

Mommy: Oh, for goodness sakes?!?

Makana: Yes!

(Yes, my daughter has a lisp!)

:) Matter solved; we could continue the conversation. :)

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