Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reflecting on 2009--January

2009 whizzed by. As I reflect on the year in general, I recall (in a different sense, though) how Debbie Dornfeld was disturbed that professors kept referring to time flying by and before we knew it, students would be graduating from Southern Seminary in December of 2003 (if I am correct). Debbie wanted to take the days as they came and not be forced to think that time was truncated to a blur. I think of that scenario because I tried to enjoy the individual days of 2009, but I kept finding myself asking, "Where did that month go?"

Perhaps the most significant thing that occurred in January was Stephen's birth, 10 weeks premature. Although we did not yet know of him, we thank God tremendously for his birth! He has added such life for us all.

Another benchmark in January was my birthday. Two birthday elves decorated the house for me with balloons and streamers. I hit 40, and they wanted it to be special. Serra-chan also made it truly special by providing our Thai dinner feast and the tart (because I don't really care much for cakes). MMMMM! :) It made turning forty so pleasant! :)


Anonymous said...

It was a blur....but blessed. Dave

Yuan said...

It is a great year for 2009. With the coming new year, there will be more changes and challenges. I am sure that you can adapt to the new home very quickly.

Send my warmest bless from Chicago. Sweet Home Alabama!!

Jill from Chicago