Friday, August 21, 2009

Shake's + Friends = Good Times! :)

We were blessed to have met up with our friends from our church in Hawai'i on our last trip to Florida. They moved to the area a few years back, and when Dave spent a summer at Hurlburt Field, we saw them then as well. :) Now their children have grown even more. Laura suggested a variety of places, but when she mentioned Shake's, an ice cream place near our hotel, we were game! :) Yummy! :) I surprised Dave and ate a Chicago Hot Dog first, which had everything from sweet pickles to green colored yellow onions. :) We soon got rained out and went shopping together, where Makana had a fun time playing with Candace, and Justin smiled when he finally held Stephen.

Yikes! We remembered about how Kyle and Justin were born extremely close in age to Kayla and Kyle (Mary's 2 oldest). Those were the two that we met in Hawai'i before we left for Japan. Somehow seeing children grow measures time more tangibly than other things.

We went to their church the following morning, where Candace danced for the Lord! It was great! :) Laura and I danced together at Faith Christian Fellowship (At that time, we were only allowed to dance hula).

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