Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pinata Fun

Daddy helped Makana discover what a pinata was when they were on one of their dates. Makana came home telling me that she would have a pinata at her birthday party. Immediately I began to scheme as to how we would make such a thing. Thankfully, Makana asked for a fish pinata even though she had butterflies for most of her party things.

Makana and I worked on making her pinata. The first attempt popped as it was blown onto our rather pokey grass while it was drying outside. Dave then told me not to worry, as we would end up buying one anyway. Well, so much for a vote of confidence in our pinata making--we now HAD to make it and make it good! :)

Makana enjoyed decorating her fish that lasted the many blows by the girls at the party. Little did we know that Jamie and Makenna would love hitting the pinata! :) It definitely was a "hit"! :)

After allowing the girls to expend their energy on the pinata, Dave finally took it upon himself to break through the pinata that survived the girls' attempts.

We took a tip off the show with the 18 children: We packaged all the girls' treats individually with their names so that they would have to help each other out politely. It worked well to keep the treats contained and evenly distributed. :)

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jeffo 'n lisa said...

Oh my. Packaged individually?! Kavin & I just stuffed it in the Spiderman pinata. Although, I did have bags with their names for them to put their treats in.
Gotta try this one next time.