Friday, May 29, 2009

March 31st

Makana anticipated her birthday so much more than in previous years. She had her cake selected a month ahead of time when she and Grandma were waiting in the hospital as I tended to Stephen. One of her activities was to cut and paste parts of a strawberry cake. When I came out of the NICU, Makana said, "I want this cake for my birthday!" We celebrated with Grandpa and GiGi, as they took a special trip during the spring just for this occasion. At the time of the planning, we didn't know anything about Stephen, but it was also special that they could meet him at this time. :)

Dave took Makana out to weed and for a walk, so the grandmothers and I arranged the balloons (that Makana and Dave had blown and hidden under blankets) and presents (including those from our outside of Arizona). Makana was truly surprised by the festive welcome when she returned.

After the day was over, she kept thanking Dave and me, "I had a great birthday! Thank you!" :)

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