Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ballerina in the making?

Makana's new "thing" is her ballet class. She was so excited to take ballet, especially after watching Angelina Ballerina, but for her first class she froze into a painfully shy state. Since then, however, she has loved every minute of her class.

These pics were taken outside of her class, prior to her putting on her ballet slippers. She said she is "doing like Auntie Mary" when she has her leg up. :)

While I do think Makana is much better suited for gymnastics, as she is quite aggressive for a girl and not afraid of heights, starting her at age 3 here would entail a much pricier investment than we'd like to have as a trial for her right now. We'll see what 'Bama has to offer. :) For now, she is thoroughly enjoying the more classical and graceful discipline. :)

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