Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm a Big Sister Now!

Thankfully, Makana is taking her role as a big sister very seriously. She, as was previously blogged, has many plans for her younger brother, and that list of plans grows daily.

When Stephen was finally able to be in Makana's arms, the big sis' had a huge grin on her face: the moment she had waited for! :) Stephen likes being in his sister's arms, and Makana took much glee in seeing Stephen squirm and complain when he returned to Mommy. She explained, "I think he wants to come back to his big sister." I let her hold him again, and Stephen stopped fussing. Makana was so proud that she tried so hard to hold back the hugest smile behind a little smirk. :)

Auntie Irene sent Makana a book with the same title as this blog, and Makana reads it every night. Last night I substituted the names of the characters with hers and Stephen's, and Makana thought that switch was just brilliant! :)


Bolo said...

I know my grin isn't as big as Makana's, but I'm thrilled to see the first of many big sister/little brother pics :)

im*agine said...

Hey, Is it my imagination or do he and Makana have a familial resemblence? Even seems to have Dave's head shape. Is God amazing or what!!!