Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Big, Big Dollhouse!

There is a fun toy store on the opposite end of the city, and it has some great toys that Makana loves to interact with. One of them is a dollhouse. After seeing how much Makana enjoyed playing with all the dolls and accessories in the house, I asked Dave to put his first college degree to work by designing and building his daughter a dollhouse. He realized Makana loved to play with the one at the store but couldn't imagine her putting it to use at home to make it worth his while to design. His alternative: purchase a cheaper one at the store (See the top story, in the middle--the plastic dollhouse?). After all, it came with dolls and furnishings. Makana played with it so much that it convinced Dave that he would make his girl happy by building her a dollhouse out of scraps of wood.

Makana is thrilled with her "Big, big dollhouse!" She tells everyone about it. It is huge. After receiving that pink and purple SUV for Christmas, Dave made an addition: a two-car garage w/a FROG (family room on garage). :)

Slowly but surely, her house is taking shape. Her cousins AJ and Dominic gave her furnishings and rabbits for Christmas, too, which are from the same collection as those from her favorite toy store!

The fun part? Dave is really getting into playing dollhouse now! :)

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