Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Maze in Maize

To celebrate Mom/GiGi's birthday, the entire family went to a farm. The kids liked the animals in the petting zoo and running around in the maze. Since the maze covered 12 acres of never-ending options, most of our party opted for an early out when we started going in circles. Even the clues weren't too helpful, as they led to further forks that wound us back in the same previous spots. Alas, the truth must be told. Dad found another path as Donna and I pondered the "legality" of jumping a few feet off the path to get to a new, unchartered one. Dad's justification was that we would end up on that new path eventually, if we followed the one we were on--down and around and back. We were just saving time. Needless to say, he didn't wait for us two girls to consider the ethical ramifications of cutting corners, for he went right through the corn, four feet off the path, to the other path. We followed.

Thankfully, that led us to a clue that actually helped! We then found our way out to the finish. Once we were out, we discovered that the rest of our party had a little party of their own, with hot dogs and such. :)

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