Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Girl's Bed

If you're remotely interested in the story:

We're getting Makana ready to transition to another room and to her twin-size bed. We were debating between getting a toddler and a twin bed. I scoured the sales ads and the classifieds (paper and online) and was actually quite depressed with what I saw. We hunted for a bed together as a family. Anything we liked was out of our price range. Where were the great deals? We even lamented that we weren't in Louisville, where we often found GREAT BARGAINS.

We considered a variety of scenarios but came up with nothing that excited us.

FINALLY, we went to a furniture warehouse (where we had not found anything in the past) and were about to leave but meandered through the clearance room of the clearance warehouse. I noticed a tag for $19.99 and immediately thought I was seeing things; it probably said $199.99. That's how everything was in the past. At a second look, it was $19.99 for a black desk hutch with shelves and a cute design--originally $450. It even had a cork board. It would make a great headboard! :)

Mon: "Dave, Dave!" [That's all that could come out with my excitement.]
Dave: "We're getting it. It doesn't matter if we don't know what we'll use it for. The wood alone would cost us much more."

Dave proceeded to find a sales clerk. While he was checking out, I chased Makana around the room. Something that resembled 2 beds leaned vertically against a wall. They looked broken, but they were less than $50. :) I told Dave and went on to follow Makana. Dave discovered that the beds were actually intact. :) The hutch was already packaged and ready to be picked up in the delivery area, so we couldn't be absolutely sure how the bed might fit with the hutch. We were ready to be flexible with our purchases, but as it turned out, the two pieces of furniture fit nicely together. :)

Makana had actually picked the paint in spray form for a kitchen set I was going to make her, but we decided to use it on her bed instead. Home Depot matched her paint perfectly. :) It still needs a touch-up, but Makana is happy with her big girl's bed. She loves hiding her animals under the bed; "They fit!" :)

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