Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Open Wide! Ahhhh . . . Eeeeee . . . .

Makana's first dental appointment was about a month ago, and she did exceedingly well. The hygenist and doctor were both so wonderful to her, as they had a teddy bear with an opened toothbrush waiting for her on the chair when she arrived. Makana especially liked the apparatus that polishes teeth, for the hygenist first demonstrated what it could do by polishing her right index finger. Makana was intrigued by it so much that she quickly handed over her left index finger to get polished as well. :)

Although our child is somewhat strong-willed, she also likes to please people. She was thrilled when the doctor and hygenist told her that she had good looking teeth. I don't know if she was exceptionally good in her appointment or if they do it for all the children, but after her appointment, Makana not only got to score a toy from the treasure chest, but she also was given a ton of stickers. I also told Daddy and the rest of the chapel staff as we walked in to the chapel (for Bible study) after the appointment that Makana was soooooooooo fabulously good at her dental appointment. Now, when it is time for Makana to brush her teeth, I give her her toothbrush, and she more than willingly brushes, "Ahhhhh . . . Eeeeeee . . . ." She even lets me help.

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